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‘Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  I can’t find the words… the best book l have ever read.  I’ve never read anything as amazing in all my life.’  Joanne Mason, Retired Secondary Teacher, Tallangatta

At last!  An insider’s account on one of Australia’s most sinister crimes.
John Silvester, Journalist (The Age) and Author

The retail edition is now available (self published edition sold out) through Wilkinson Publishing at and through other normal channels, including most book shops, online book sales and public libraries. 

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Rob Hunter was 20 when he was abducted at gunpoint with nine primary school pupils at a remote country school.  He has lived with the terror of those crowded hours for four decades.  Finally, he has found the words to tell his story.  This is it.
Andrew Rule, Journalist (Herald Sun) and Author

I don’t read many books but I am so glad to have read ‘Day 9 at Wooreen’. The story is brilliantly and beautifully told and it was an absolutely gripping read, possibly the most gripping I have ever read. I read most of it on the pIane from Singapore to London which is a long way and the journey just flew by. I wonder if it will be made into a film? It should be.  Mike

I loved your book. You must have been beside yourself going through that turmoil. I found it so easy to read.  Keith

I had to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I couldn’t put it down! 

How brave the children, the other adults caught up and yourself were! I found I was holding my breath in places waiting to see what happened next.  Nadine

Thanks for your book – it was so enlightening in terms of what you went through – obviously traumatic. It’s amazing how well you have come through it.  Andrew

What a story!  And all the bits that fitted – small and intricate events that came together to form the jigsaw of Rob’s 21 hours in captivity.  It was a remarkable account and; I think it should be compulsory reading and study in modern teaching training…  There were so many amazing points in that story.  Thank you for the book…I thought it was riveting.  Roger

Just finished reading about your extraordinary experience – what a horrendous ordeal for you all to endure.  I appreciate you spending the time and effort into putting the story down in writing, it was a fantastic read with such a great outcome compared to events today which tend to have tragic conclusions.  Ken

Received your book yesterday, finished reading it at 8 o’clock last night – loved it! The detail was amazing.  Ray

Rob, I really enjoyed reading your book. I gave a copy to my mother who rarely reads a book. She read it in 2 days and has now passed it on to a couple of her friends.  Dale

I really enjoyed reading ‘Day 9 at Wooreen’.  The excitement got me hooked and I couldn’t put it down – even though it was an horrific story.  I’m thrilled there was a happy ending, and appreciate you sharing this part of your life with us.  Janeen

I got my copy of “Day 9 at Wooreen” in the mail on Friday afternoon….and it was finished by Saturday afternoon! I couldn’t put it down.  Peter

I couldn’t put this book down!  Rob, thank you for sharing your story… I’m kinda lost for words but need you to know it moved me deeplyJulie M

I really enjoyed reading your book Rob. I could hear your voice all the way through.  Colin

I didn’t want the book to end – I loved it so much.  But I couldn’t put it down.  I had shivers running up and down my spine.  My friend loved it too, so over our holiday break we’re going to drive The Grand Ridge Road, camping along the route and check all the sites.  Joy

Rob, your book has been an adventure! Thank God you all survived. I felt a collection of emotions on your behalf including frustration, fear, care and responsibility for those fab kids. Also shock, confusion and exhaustion.  Sue       

Great book Amigo! Loved reading it. I was on the edge of my seat.  Rodger

I’ve finished reading Rob’s book. A very vivid account of a very dramatic experience. Seat of the pants stuff to read. Nice to know 40 years on all those affected are doing OK.  Leigh

Thank you for the book Rob – it was a privilege to read it. You certainly underplayed your amazing role in it – the children were so blessed that you were the one kidnapped with them.  Kathryn

I can see the story would make a good film and could include how people are today.  Cheryl

Thanks Rob for this treasure. I ‘teared up’  when you and the children were safely reunited with your respective parents – being a parent myself. Thanks for sharing so capably!  Susan

I finished your book Rob, and have lent it out to a lot of friends. A fantastic read. I hope to be able to see you speak at an event soon.  Amanda

Loved reading your book – we have 2 copies. In parts it is hard to read because of memories but I thoroughly loved it. My dad loved it too. We had a Canadian exchange teacher at school last year & I proudly told her about your story, so a book has traveled to Canada as her memory of working in this lovely area. She even followed the route.  Robyn

Loved your book RobJenny

An incredible story featuring inspiring and heroic characters. Thank you Rob for sharing your amazing real tale of survival and consequent thriving!  Bronwyn

I have just finished reading this book.  What an amazing young man.  He should be so proud.  His story keeps you involved and wanting to know the ending.  So sorry it was from experience.  Thank you for sharing.  Vicki

A great read.  My heart was in my mouth wondering what the outcome was.  Daphne

I couldn’t wait to get back to this story.  I really liked the maps, as I was trying to visualise it all.  I found it really interesting when the extra people joined in hearing their perspectives – how that helped you process what was really happening.  Lizzie

I loved your book Rob.  I couldn’t put it down.  I was moved with tears knowing how you have recovered from such an ordeal.  Thank you for writing it all down.  Julie G

Your book was fantastic Rob.  I loved reading it – I read it over two days.  It’s amazing how well you have recovered – thanks to your faithTrish

I loved reading this book.  It’s written with feeling – the emotions unravel easily as Rob tells the storyBruce

Congratulations on your book.  It was a real page turner – a very good read.  Not a word wasted!  Michael

I loved reading your book Rob.  I was captivated.  I’ve passed it on to a lot of work mates – it’s become a real talking point.  They loved it too.  Mel

This is a fantastic read – authentic and true.  There is no fluff, it’s straight to the point – it’s concise and clear.  Patsy

Rob, I just finished reading the book.  I couldn’t put it down.  So amazing.  xxx  Karen N

I finished your book a few days ago.  What a page turner!  I think the mark of a good read is when you’re still thinking about the book long after you’ve finished it.  Your story will stay with me for a long time I’m certain. Thank you for putting down on paper all your recollections from that time.  I’m so pleased it had a happy ending!  Jennifer

I love this book.  The precise timing of the accident was amazing – what an intervention!  I particularly loved reading the Notes on Sources section at the very end.  Ian

Rob, you’ve done an amazing job!!!  It was a fantastic, captivating read.  Thank you for taking the time and mental energy to write itJacqui 

I am not a reader but this book got me.  I was enthralled by the events as they unraveled.  I had to keep reading.  John

My husband and I really liked your book.  What you went through! – we never realised.  And what your parents had to go through – we really felt for them.  Judy

Amazing Rob!  I’m exhausted.  I thought I was there myself.  Riveting.  Couldn’t put it down.  Neville

What an amazing story!  Rob has a great writing style – so easy to read.  I love the short sentences.  Lance

Thank you SO much for providing me with this treasure!!  I have finished it, loved it, and can honestly say that it was a book which led me to feeling as if I was so close to what was taking place….maybe more so than any other book I can remember reading.  It provided not so much a bird’s eye view, but a ground-level view.  Almost as if the reader is part of the experience.  So engaging.  Nola

Rob, what a gripping account!  I could not put the book down; you wrote from the heart and articulated a very difficult circumstance in life with aplomb.  Well done!  You hold a special place in my life.  Ray

Rob Hunter!  I finally took the time to read your book.  It was a brilliant read and a credit to you.  You are however responsible for my long and drawn out day, as I couldn’t stop reading.  It lead me into the early hours of this morning – 2:30am with a 6am start for work!  It was great and as you can see I couldn’t put it down.  So blessed to know you and so blessed to be sharing in your heart and experience.  One which I know must not have been easy to share Narelle 

It was very captivating (no pun intended). I’m about to embark on a second reading. Thanks so much for sharing your story.  You hear stories and read newspaper articles, but it always seems a little “detached”. It is not until you have a first hand account such as this that the impact of an event really hits home.  This happened to REAL people. It caused REAL life long trauma. I still can not believe that Edwin Eastwood just walked into a tiny school and did what he did to an innocent young man and nine children…and then later….six others……  Thanks for sharing what the experience was like for you. Thanks for sharing your faith in Jesus! I think you are a very brave man!  Pete

Wow what a story!  Can appreciate why it took so long to get it down on paper – but so glad you did!  Barry and I were both totally ‘there with you’ and laughed often as we could just hear you saying various things so gently to the children.  Marg

What a FLIPPING GOOD book!  Amazing book, couldn’t put it down.  I actually had to stop myself reading it to make it last.  Lauren

I very much enjoyed reading your book and have passed it to others.  You certainly gave a wonderful witness and testimony in dealing with your attacker and caring for the childrenPaul

It was a great read – my mother also enjoyed it – so thanks for putting it into print!  Sue

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the account – couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough to find out how it all ended.  There were so many moments when I shook my head in disbelief as the story unfolded.  What peculiar events, such unusual ransom demands…. and he pushed on even in the face of certain failure when the ute crashed and you were joined by all those extra people…!  What an ordeal you all endured…!  I was also very interested to learn more about the aftermath and the results throughout the years, thank you for including that.  My 15 year old daughter is now more than halfway through, she too is finding it enthralling…  Kelly

I have read your book & enjoyed the story as it unfolded.  Thoroughly enjoyed  hearing & reading  all the details; quite an experience Rob & can understand the lingering effects on you.  You have managed to conceal the effects on you very well across the 40 years.  Bless you Rob and I trust you have felt enormous peace since you have untangled your story and written the details.  Kevin

I loved the book!  A great read and really well written, I couldn’t put it down.  Bill

What an excellent autobiography.  It must have cost you a lot of emotional effort to retrace the whole story and you have written it so well.  Congratulations!  It is what is called in the book trade a ‘Page Turner.’  I found the narrative gripping.  Win

Although I only started reading it yesterday, I finished it today which is an achievement for me in itself.  I would like to congratulate you on what you have produced.  Your account of the events of February 1977 is first class.  It would be wrong to say entertaining, because you lived through this insane ordeal and although many will be entertained and enthralled, this was a very real, very scary and terrifying experience for you and the others involved.  Rob

I totally love that you have waited till now to share this story – like so many today you could have played the poor poor pitiful me card at any time – I think a lot of people have a whole lot to learn about that.  I am intrigued by your attitude of forgiving – it is something I have never really mastered but events over the last few years could possibly not have affected me as much now if I could truly forgive.  Jan

I was thrilled to get the book and I have read it already.  It was a great read.  I am so sure the ladies were sent to take care of them all, so sure.  It was a horrific situation.  So, thank you for writing the book, and giving us a first hand account of what you all went through.  Coral 

I enjoyed your book very much.  What a harrowing experience for you and the children and all the other people involved.  You must have been a very sensible young man to keep your head the way you did.  I wonder if many 20 year olds today would have been so capable.  The book was very well written.  Margaret

I couldn’t put this book down.  To think that this was real life and not a book of fiction is unbelievable!  I could never imagine what that experience would be like. Thanks for sharing your story and bless you for your caring natureKaren A

I received your book yesterday and have already read it!  God and the Angels were certainly looking after you and the nine children, but still cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like for you, what it even felt like for you.  Thank God that you and the children all survived and were ok… well, as ok as could be, after being rescued…. Just one amazing book… Thank you.  Leonie

Thank you for the copy of your book which arrived in the mail this morning.  Have just finished reading it from cover to cover – totally enthralling.  Couldn’t put it down.  Ian

Congratulations on your book and the good work that you now do.  I am so glad that you have been able to build a life and career after the horrific events of Feb 1977, and can now draw on your experience to help others.  Faye

I started it last night in bed and finished it today, I couldn’t put it down.  Congratulations on the way you have written it, as it just flows and is so inclusive of not only your own experiences and thoughts but of the involvement of the children, & others kidnapped.  John

Congratulations on the final production of your remarkable book.  I trust it receives the widespread publicity which it deserves; continues the healing of those involved and succeeds in your aim of giving renewed hope in a troubled world.  Mick

Thanks Rob!  Many thanks for the long hours and hard work that it took to write your book – remarkable!  Your story raises so many questions.  I’m so thankful that you have answered in your heart and mind, some of the most important.  Guessing some will never be answered, indeed, probably don’t have answers.  Healing in the writing?  Linda

We ‘enjoyed’ your book Rob.  What a story!  Andy and Sarah

Congratulations!  Many thanks for your brave and courageous reminiscences of that traumatic event.  I shed tears thinking of those children and yourself who could do nothing in that situation.  I felt honoured to receive your book which I read far into the night – unputdownable.  Faith can move mountains.  Marj

I think you made a very good job of the book and it made very good reading.  Neil

What an incredible thing you have done Rob in writing the book.  I just couldn’t put it down.  It brought back so many memories, tho’ I didn’t know half of what you went through – such responsibility with those children, and you yourself so very young and inexperienced.  What your parents and family must have gone through.  Thank you so much for taking the time to write your story and for having to go through all the pain and memories after all these years.  Linda

The book is great.  You must be pleased with the presentation/format as well.  I couldn’t bring myself to read it at first, so John read it and found it hard to put down.  So then I started and couldn’t put it down.  But I found my heart was racing, so can just imagine how you felt at bringing it all back.  There is something in the book that I disagree with Rob!  You said you looked ridiculous, but you were young and quite in keeping with those times and probably in the language of today they would have said you looked ‘cool.’  Doreen

I finished the book at 1.30 this morning.  Couldn’t put it down.  My husband read it first and we both shed tears to read what really happened.  It is a miracle that you all escaped with minimal physical injuries.  Thanks to your calm leadership it was amazing that the children remained so calm.  It could have turned out so differently.  Jeanie

Thanks so much for your effort in recording this.  I was so engrossed I uncharacteristically neglected quite a few chores throughout the day!  I was able to imagine the entire crazy drama unfold.  Your truthfulness and your faith are so evident and so refreshing.  I also sincerely appreciate your attitude of forgiveness and the clear articulation of its healing power.  I’m also so glad that my teenage kids are super eager to read it.  Kelvin

An interesting read Rob.  I’m now buying a copy for a friend.  Eileen

I was captivated by the events that unfolded in the retelling of this story.  The resilience and perseverance even in the toughest of situations is awesome.  I highly recommend the read.  Jacki

Has to be one of the best reads.  Feel a special connection having done the road trip following The Grand Ridge Road.  Joy



In the seminar, Health After Hurt, kidnapped teacher & author Rob Hunter, retells the story of the Wooreen State School kidnapping of 1977 & the after affects. He teaches how health is possible beyond such trauma.

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